Institutional Quality Assurance Cell | IQAC


1. General Objectives of the IQAC

  1.To promote a quality culture within the university

2. Specific Objectives of the IQAC 

 1. Establish Institutional Quality Assurance Cell at Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet.

 2. Draft IQAC work, training and financing plans and preparation of budget

 3. Review of existing policies, systems, processes and procedures

 4. Assessing and strengthening capacity for effective governance, teaching- learning, research and community services

 5. Prepare the university to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements

 6. Organize trainings, workshops and seminars on quality related themes towards the promotion of quality culture

 7. Arrangement of feedback processes from students, faculty members, parents, alumni and potential employers of graduates

 8. Coordinate among different institutions for quality related activities including adoption and dissemination of best practices

 9. Prepare and produce annual institutional quality assurance report (IQAR) and monitoring report assessing the activities of IQAC and submit to the QAC

 10. Develop a data base containing information regarding quality assurance, which will be deliverable to all stakeholders.